• Backlinks Started the coming week: 2
  • Position on Google( Squarespace Review ): 18
  • Position on Google( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 14
  • Position on Yahoo( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 5


This week I decided to create 2 backlinks from different subjects: Hubpages and Squidoo.

Those aren't backlinks on cheap explains or clauses just made for get a backlink with a low quality content. I wrote 2 different sections which I imagine will rank well on both sites both of them relevant to Squarespace.

For my Squarespace Review both backlinks have the same Anchor Text: "< em style =" box-sizing: inherit ;"> Review "

For my Squarespace vs WordPress comparison, one of them has "< em form =" box-sizing: acquire ;"> Squarespace vs WordPress Analysis " as secure text and the other one is" S quarespace vs WordPress Comparison ".

As you can see, both of them get better higher-rankings and are know located on primacy 14 and 18 on the second largest page of google.

Additionally, I'd like to pop out that my Squarespace vs WordPress comparisonappeared on the first page of Yahoo this week! How? I don't know. But I've seen that many times when i have a good commodity graded on Google, it will grade high on Yahoo and Bing too. If I'm on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google, most probably I'm on the first page of Yahoo and/ or Bing already.

Less competition, I guess...

Week 2: February 24

To be Honest the commission has been a jolly frantic week for me. I've been working until late at the department and had no time to build backlinks to my articles. As you can see, I barely affixed 1 new article here at Stream SEO extremely. Nonetheless, here are the good information :P TAGEND

  • Backlinks Originated this week: 0
  • Position on Google( Squarespace Review ): 16
  • Position on Google( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 11
  • Position on Bing( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 4
  • Position on Yahoo( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 6

The brand-new surprise here is that even when I didn't making such a extra backlinks this week, I was still be permitted to scale 2-4 more locates on Google search rankings.

That's really good.

And too my clause is now ranking on the 4st cause of Bing, while Yahoo decided to lower my essay 1 position only. So basically, I'm on the first page of Yahoo and Bing, and 1 position away to appear on the first sheet of Google more! I'm happy.

But there's more.

See that little figure at the law of the URL on the image above? It's demonstrating backlinks( BLP ).

That makes I have 2 backlinks for my Squarespace Review but 8 backlinks to my Squarespace vs WordPress comparison ???

So I fuelled the SEO competition module and supplemented both URLs to get the source of those backlinks and i found something interesting. All these backlinks appearing on my rank tracker are backlinks created by observing 1 month ago or so on January/ December. They lastly decided to appear now and they're giving me some liquor once!

Who said good quality observes on other blogs didn't work?

Anyway, that's how this business manipulates. Direct now and collect the payoffs later. Likewise, I'm curious to know what will happen when my 2 essays procreated from Hubpages and Squidoo are added to the algorithm. Those, and a duet of extra backlinks I'm generating the coming week on 2.0 websites( each one with it's own original essay ).

Stay aria! I'm so close to appear on the first page of the 3 mayor search engines, and then I'm fighting to get into the first 3 results.

Week 3: March 3

This week I've been forming backlinks from remarks only. No more posts until I see if they're get indexed or not. Even though it's difficult to know.

Most of the comments I've done have a backlink to those specific sheets using commentluv and my criticism strategy.

  • Backlinks Created the coming week: 5( notes) 
  • Position on Google( Squarespace Review ): 22( lowered) 
  • Position on Google( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 3
  • Position on Bing( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 4
  • Position on Yahoo( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 5

As you can see, my Squarespace vs. WordPress section now grades 3 on Google and it's on 4 and 5 for Bing and Yahoo.

At this extent, I'm getting around 20-30 stays per daytime on this article, which necessitates I'm getting almost 1 thousand tourists per month. If you watch my first impressions on the number of visits I researched with Market Samurai, you'll should be noted that originally, I was expecting to get 300 more visitors when ranking on the first ensue, however I'm getting much more than that thanks to other long posterior keywords which I'm not tracking yet.

In fact, just as I'm writing this update my keyword has appeared to be ranked on list 2!( Market Samurai's Rank Tracker informs each Thursday.


This is why I ever recommend to look for long fanny keywords and expect at the least Exact Match upshots( don't expect expansive develops to appear ASAP ).

My Squarespace review has sagged a few plazas and this examines natural to me. I didn't build any backlinks for this article more because I went happy about my makes. It descended 6 homes and I hope to get it back later. For now, I'll focus on the other article as it's "re giving me" outcomes already.

Week 4: March 10

I went out to Cancun( yeah !) for business reasonableness I genuinely wasn't able to work on my venture that is something that. That said, I was able to create at least 3 backlinks from notes, specially targeted to the WordPress vs. Squarespace article. Here are the results for this week!

  • Backlinks Composed this week: 3( criticisms )
  • Position on Google( Squarespace Review ): 36/ 42( read below) 
  • Position on Google( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 2
  • Position on Bing( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 0( declined out from Bing) 
  • Position on Yahoo( Squarespace vs WordPress ): 4


Let's start with the Squarespace vs. WordPress article.

In short-lived, it's doing great. This week I'm receiving between 40-50 visits per day just for this article, which is WAY HIGHER than the original beliefs from Exact Match ensues. This symbolizes I'm getting around 1,300 guests per month just for this article( 4 times more than expected) from various long tail keywords. I wonder how much congestion will I receive if I touch the figure 1 spot.

Note aside, I've been descent from Bing causes this week. I don't know why, but still, Bing wasn't really giving me congestion. Google is my primary root and it's rocking.

But if you didn't notice, I now have 296 backlinks to this article! How is this possible if I haven't improve that is something that?

I fired up the SEO competition module and discovered that countless backlinks are coming from a blog I don't even know. I fantasize I left a comment one day and since this blog is working the" Top Commenters" plugin I might have appeared on the sidebar for every page, generating so many backlinks at the time and now they're indexed.

This is funny, because I'm not there anymore, and I wonder what will happen later when Google can't find those backlinks anymore. Time will tell.

Here are my develops for my Squarespace Review article :P TAGEND

Ugh, seeming bad.

So bad that even my Squarespace comparison is ranking better than my revaluation at this moment for the same keyword!

As you can notice, even though I build a few backlinks they're not indexed hitherto, so I still envision only 2 backlinks on my Market Samurai Tracker. I predict I'll employed more attention to this article now that other one is doing good alone.


This is where I could use some help

I'm not asking you to create backlinks or anything like that for me. But if you find this venture amusing and would like to give me some feedback or plainly want to share it with another person, satisfy do so.

Share it, +1 it, like it, pin it or whatever.

I'd just like to make it easy and I'll report informs every week. I want to probe I'm correct( or maybe not) and demonstrate you how I sentiment some of my commodities on the first sheet of Google.

This can be done again, and it's all about creating aspect backlinks. Forget about buying millions of backlinks or exerting software and black-hat techniques. Those won't help you. And if they do, it won't last for that long. I predict. Shall "were starting"?


It might seem a daunting enterprise now, but if we break it down area by website, and then a bunch of steps for each site it becomes a exceedingly manageable task.

You'll want to complete one locate at a time, I predict you it is far easier to manage this way.

There is nothing more dishearten than 15 unfinished areas waiting for you.


To start our structure of areas look real, we're gonna do something unique- we're actually going to make real sites...

Each site that we build for our network will have an aged domain with good domain authority, a unique motto, unique and useful sections, a different theme and some core plugins installed to obligate the place usable.

Free Idea: Get some pals or family who want to learn about making and retaining websites? Leave them each a place so they can informed about has become a webmaster. Writing essays, updating plugins, changing the issues and moderating comments.

Here is the checklist of steps that we are going to do for each site. You'll want to complete each step in order to build each area on our blog network.

I'm not going to go into too much item for each step, but if you get stuck or have any questions then experience free to get in touch by leaving me specific comments below in specific comments area. I will privately reply to every single observation left.


We will be employ expired domain names for our structure, domains that have lying back-links and domain authority. Remember we are creating a high quality network of websites, so the domain names themselves should also be decent.

We don't want to be buying provinces that are obviously waste, or ones that have porn or pharma character commands in their own homes. We don't want anything that they are able to realise the domain name stand out negatively, and I personally merely ever consider. com,. cyberspace or. org expansions, as well as country specific ones if they come up and you can registry them.



Do a search for all the. com domains that have dropped in the past 24 hours with 100 associates minimum. Here is a snapshot of the locateds I use.

On the second tab of the search form, make sure you select" only available Domains" as there is no detail spending epoch researching a discipline if it is unavailable.

I generally then lineup research results by the DA( Domain Authority) pillar, which show how definitive Moz contemplates the area is. You'll want to look out for regions that have a DA of above 20 and more than 10 associating seed domains.

The higher the DA of your blog network's websites, the better for ranking your coin places!

Have a scan down the inventory and pick out a few cases that take your conception. No is a requirement to waste too much term worrying about the actual text of the domain name, it's the domain authority that we are after , not a catchy URL. Formerly "youve had" picked a few cases foreman on over very open area explorer to check the DA of the domains you are looking at.

Remember to check both the domain.com and www.domain.com different versions of the domain you want to be.

The higher the DA the better( keep forgetting PageRank, it's been times since it was updated ).

You'll ideally be looking for arenas with a DA of 15 or higher. Once you find a good strong province, you need to check out the back-link chart. Checking the existing back-links can be done easily at ahrefs, magnificent, open area explorer.

This is a very important step, and you'll want to make sure that the back-link profile is genuine and not a load of bullshit, as a crap back-link profile could cause the domain to be penalise, and we don't want that.


Please be wary about buying lands from Godaddy Auctions , not only are the auctioneers very well agreed( propagandizing the premium higher) but it currently being be coming home with my attention that Blackhat guys are transporting extortion emails to beings ask questions coin to keep their domains private or they will be forwarded to many members at Google.

From what I have heard the scammer watches Godaddy Auctions, waits for a realm to be acquired and for a brand-new locate to be placed on that province, and then they email the owner.

Don't forget though no matter where you buy your lands from, you were supposed to exercise caution, and act your due diligence checks, differently "youre just" wasting your time and money.

When you purchase the domain name, you'll want to enable whois privacy. This is an extra step required to ensure the obscurity of your blog network.

If you are acquiring an available subject, then I can whole-heartedly recommend internetbs. The domain itself will be about$ 8 and they include free land whois privacy for the first time, which is a great deal.




In a nutshell, people are slithering, spam checking, categorizing and then exchanging unregistered provinces for between $10 to $20 depending on the metrics.

Usually they have a shared Google spreadsheet where you can look at( without participating the actual URL) the metrics and intelligence before making a decision.

If a realm you buy from them doesn't get indexed- then 9 out of 10 times you'll get an appropriate replacement.

Just recollect to do your due diligence when dealing with person for the first time- countless people out there are looking to make a quick buck off an unsuspecting buyer.


TL ;D R- Simplify this whole process by using the awful service provided by Easy blog network

The process of hosting areas on different providers is complicated and burdensome. Fortunately, there is Easy Blog Networks, a PBN hosting service that installs blogs with 1-click on random servers hosted by large-hearted firebrand hosting providers like Amazon Web Assistance, Digital Ocean, Softlayer and others. The structure automatically modernizes WordPress, plugins and themes while maintaining daily blog backups. EBN has a autobiography of low-spirited deindexation charge, on equivalence with premium cPanel hosts, demonstrated by independent client examines. 

Easy Blog Networks is currently the best, easiest and safest style to host your PBNs. Join them here >>

Below is my guide on what to do if you want to do it manually.

First thing I'd like to made very clear- do not use SEO hosting. Google is well aware of the multitudes who stipulate SEO hosting service and will deal with your connections accordingly.

Even if SEO hosting offers' unique C class IP' domiciles, they will be recognized as bad IP addresses and your websites is very likely to not get indexed at best, at the worst they will prompt a manual review and disadvantage.


Here is a little maneuver that I learned a while back, and it will save you a great deal of time and effort.

Nowadays Bluehost is my go to host of select. They furnish inexhaustible regions, limitless mailing address, endless opening etc for a very reasonable $4.95 a few months. If you are going to be hosting a assortment of locates, it procreates ability to use a shared hosting history like this- I've been measuring out quite a few multitudes from budget to fee and these chaps are my standout favorites at the moment.

After going ripped off by Bluehost at renewal duration, and after the enormous operation publishes they have been having lately, I now have changed my recommended multitude of selection to Inmotionhosting.

Support is excellent, sub 1 minute response times, FAST sites that I have had NO issues with in the time that I have been using them.

The one click installations of WordPress save a tonne of epoch, conveying I can build and roll out places much more quickly than before.

Now, I hear you screaming out - it's obvious that all the areas are owned by the same person, they all have the same IP address...

This is the neat little twisting. By applying a Content Delivery Network( CDN) such as CloudFlare, you can easily mask your server IP address( as well as some fringe benefits such as speeding up your locate, protecting your area from DDOS affect etc ).


It's free to set up, and without going into too much item, they own a worldwide network of servers that you can use to deliver your places content, from a geographically same location to your websites' visitors.

This means that your actual server IP address( which would be the same for all your areas) is masked for all pilgrims( and that works for Google's spiders extremely ).

Yes, we are leaving a footprint here, who the hell is we use CloudFlare CDN for all sites on our blog structure, but these people host over 1.5 million websites, it's not a motif "whos going to" uncover our system or parent any red flags.


Now, the above technique has been( and still is) working for me, but it's kind of a defrauds short slash and may open our network up to being discovered.

A far better way( although most expensive and more epoch ingesting) is to build each site on a brand-new host.
Head over to Web Hosting Talk forums and look in the Shared Hosting Offers region where you will find a knot of multitudes offering hosting for under a dollar a month. If you are building 10 areas, and have 10 different multitudes you should be able to get it all sorted for$ 5- $10 a month.

Granted the hosting isn't going to be the best in "the worlds"( although it's very unusual to be bad ), but it should be on different C class IP addresses so, will suffice for our system websites.

It is ESSENTIAL that when you are specifying these places up you make a note of the following documents :P TAGEND Hosting Username and Password WordPress Username and Password Domain Registrar Username and Password Get Rid of Rotten Red Apples Once and For All What Everybody Ought to Know About Red Apples 15 Killer Tips to Save Money when Buying Red Apples The Secret to Growing Bigger Redder Apples Use of headlines and sub-headings useful. Exert of bulleted schedules beneficial. No rehashed, extremely verbose usage.